Welcome to Tony Tribolet Photography.

Please contact me to purchase images. We provide professional quality printing. Please email me at Tony@xpsphoto.com or call me at  949-795-0885. 

About me:

I rediscovered my love of fine art about 15 years ago while taking pictures of my two boys playing sports. I wanted to know what I needed to learn to be able to take consistent quality images. 

I dove head first into photography and read everything I could about the art form.  I experimented with numerous techniques, cameras and lenses. There are so many areas to explore in photography, landscape, drone, sports, wedding/event photography, real estate.... the list goes on and on.  I find every form of to have its own set of challenges and similarities. I am amazed on the incredible works. My works are how I see it.Almost all my images have some sort of processing - Lightroom, Photopshop, HDR etc. Todays digital cameras just don't capture the full color and light range that our eyes see so I try to bring out what my eyes see.                                                     

If you see something you like and want to learn more please drop me a line. I always love talking shop. 


Tony Tribolet

P. 949-795-0885